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Wed 27 Sep 2023

Review – Sounds of the 60s on 26th September 2023

On at the Regent Theatre


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Review by Stephen Foster

Ipswich Regent Theatre
Tuesday, 26th September 2023

The hits just kept on coming as legendary disc jockey Tony Blackburn fronted a joyous celebration of sixties pop music. Very few stones were left unturned as the 80 year old broadcaster and his Sounds Of The 60s Live band took us back to arguably the most important decade in the rich history of popular music.


This is a show that’s been running for four years and, in the nicest possible way, it shows. The group, directed by saxophonist and singer Leo Green, is as polished as is humanly possible.


Apparently we were treated to over 100 hits (I soon lost count.) We did get to hear Keith West’s Excerpt From A Teenage Opera in full but virtually all the other songs formed part of a succession of medleys interspersed with the veteran DJ’s self-deprecating humour and constant name-dropping. As I was only saying to Ed Sheeran the other day, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning famous people they’ve interviewed and met down the decades.


In a show lasting two and a half hours Blackburn had the audience of a certain age eating from the palm of his hand. He made fun of Frinton, had the occasional pop at the BBC and even had his fans worried at one point when he revealed he was retiring at the end of the year – the year 2050 that is!


I admire Blackburn’s longevity. Next year is his 60th behind the microphone. He’s enjoying life as much as ever. With his recent sepsis scare behind him, the king of both the jungle and the corny joke looks set to spin the platters that matter for years to come.

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