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Fri 28 Oct 2022

Get to know our Wendy!

On at the Regent Theatre


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We interviewed local actor Eliza Walker, who will be playing the part of Wendy in this year’s Christmas pantomime Peter Pan. Here’s what she had to say about herself, Christmas traditions, and what she is most looking forward to…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m 21 and grew up in Ipswich, I’ve been singing and performing since the age of 10 with my local theatre company CTC. I went on to study English Literature and Performing Arts at Suffolk One and then furthered my training at Evolution Foundation College. I am currently in my third year at Performers college in Essex.


How did you get into performing?

My mum recognised I had a strong singing voice from a young age so started taking me to singing lessons. From there, I began singing at family weddings, small charity events and other small gigs. When I was around 12, I began doing yearly shows with CTC – my first one being Les Misérables where I played young Cosette at age 11.


What are you most excited about with this year’s panto?

I’m excited to work in a professional environment with some really amazing experienced performers and creative team and also learn from them and get as much advice as possible as I begin my career.


Which of the cast are you most looking forward to working with?

I’m excited to work with them all but I’m most looking forward to meeting and working with Darren Day as his credits are so lengthy and he has worked with a lot of amazing people and on a lot of different shows – I’m excited to see what I can learn from him.


What’s your favourite song to perform?

My favourite song to perform is currently ‘To My Angels’ from a new musical called SuperYou. It’s a beautiful song and not very well known. I also love singing anything Disney!


What makes your perfect Christmas?

The perfect Christmas to me is being surrounded by family, eating your body weight in roast potatoes and pigs in blankets, playing games and having an afternoon nap while watching a Christmas film.


Does your family have any unique Christmas traditions?

We have a Christmas Eve raffle every year but all of the prizes are awful and things you would never want!


What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

My favourite Christmas movie is Elf. A very generic choice but it’s a classic and nothing beats it!


Why should people come and see this year’s panto?

People should watch the panto as it’s going to be an action-packed, fun-filled musical experience for all the family to enjoy! There will be some brilliant vocals, choreography and costumes and definitely something the family can come and watch together as part of their Christmas celebrations.


To see Eliza in action as Wendy, along with the rest of the star cast, book your tickets for Peter Pan today


A relaxed performance is available on Wednesday 28 December at 1pm.

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