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In 2019, the Regent Theatre celebrated its 90th anniversary year. To coincide with this celebration, we embarked on a rebrand and full redevelopment of our website.

Our mission is to provide versatile, high quality and affordable entertainment at our two celebrated and historical venues in the heart of Ipswich. This project kick-starts our journey as we look ahead to the next 90 years.

We embarked on a rebrand and website redesign journey, to help us increase sales, improve the interaction between us and our existing and potential customers, build our brand and reputation through active social media platforms, and improve our systems.

After appointing an agency, we began the first part of the project, which was to assess where we were strategically and visually, and what we needed the new brand to achieve. Through stakeholder interviews and public questionnaires both online and on the street, we were able to create a strategy based on the current perceptions and future aspirations of both the Regent Theatre and Corn Exchange.

From this process, we found that the brand positions for the two venues sit slightly apart, one focusing on large-scale theatrical experiences and the other sits with more informal music gigs and comedy. This means each venue can uniquely shine, and both would have the toolkit to communicate effectively with specific audiences, steering them towards their ambitions. The ‘house of brands’ approach mean that we needed two separate identities for the two venues, both underpinned by Ipswich Theatres, which would become a memorable URL for people to reach the hub of information for both venues.


After developing core and company values that overarch both theatres, we developed tonal values and personality traits for each that will flow through all communications within and beyond the organisation. It is here we started to define the differences in each theatre – the Regent Theatre is warm, fun and confident, the Corn Exchange is personal, inclusive and down-to-earth.



The Regent Theatre identity focuses on its rich heritage – during its 90 year history it can boast many legendary performances – there are many stories to be told. The logo takes the initial letter of the theatre – like that at the beginning of a storybook or newspaper article – to make a big, impactful stamp. The diagonal lines in the R show synergy with the sister venue, the Corn Exchange, and enhance the idea of overlap, sound and diversity. They also echo the Art Deco features of parallel lines that appear, often in the Regent Theatre interior.



The inspiration for the Corn Exchange logo came from the organ pipes that sit on the wall in the venue – a piece of history that has been with the building since 1975. The linear forms of the pipes create an equaliser, full of movement and a representation of sound – a feature of all of the entertainment the venue offers. It also represents the idea of people connecting with the rich heritage and programming of the venue.

With our new identities and website, we are primed to deliver on our goals of developing our customer experience and are in good stead to raise ticket sales and continue to build our reputation for great theatre in the local area and beyond.