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Mon 18 Oct 2021

John Bishop Starts ‘Say Hello’ Initiative

On at the Regent Theatre


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John Bishop has been working on a new initiative for the past couple of months called ‘Say Hello’.

This has been set up to remind us all of a time when people spoke to each other on the street, on a train, sitting at a bus stop or waiting in the supermarket checkout line. When eye contact and a smile was an opening, not a reason to look down or away. And with your support he would like to encourage people coming to his show to be part of this – so how about we all give it a go and “Say Hello”?


During lockdown, John was struck by the large numbers of people who were watching online comedy gigs on their own, and as life begins to open up once more, he wishes to encourage and support people to go to live gigs on their own too. So, by using his tour to support Say Hello he hopes audiences will join in and chat to each other before the show and during the interval.


The plan is that at each show audiences will all be offered a Say Hello badge when they arrive at the venue to wear. When they see someone else wearing one too, John hopes they’ll put down their phones and give a nod, a smile and maybe even have a chat. Those few words could be part of a communication revolution, even if it is just a few minutes at a time. Let’s all ‘Say Hello’.


Look out for volunteers and badge givers whilst visiting Ipswich Regent Theatre to see John Bishop – Warm Up on Wednesday 20 October 2021, and Right Here Right Now on Tuesday 23 November 2021 and Thursday 13 January 2022.


We hope you’ll join in and ‘Say Hello’.


Click here to purchase your tickets for John Bishop – Warm Up.

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